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H8TRiD - Personal Vendetta

Image of H8TRiD - Personal Vendetta


This is a 20 track album showcasing H8TRiD's career from the very beginning with PeR-VeRSe and ending with a BRAND NEW track along with audio commentary between every song! Don't Sleep, make sure you get your pre-order in or you will never hear this album!!

Official Personal Vendetta Tracklisting
1. Intro
2. H8TRiD
3. Like Damn
4. Comes Crashin' Ft Durte
5. Ghost Town Ft. Intrinzik, Mr. ZK & Head Hunter
6. COG (Interlude)
7. Party Night Ft. T.O.N.E-z & Ill E. Gal
8. Life Of Rhyme Ft. King Magnetic & Phatal
9. Way We Roll 09 Ft. R.E.G. & N3Bo
10. I.F.U. Better
11. Top Of The World
12. Hate Me 2
13. Sooner Or Later
14. 4 Ya'll Ft. Delusional & D-RaNGD
15. Chayce's Song
16. Holdin' It Down
17. Outro Ft. Cheevo

Click Here To Download The Sampler