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H8TRiD - Weapon VIII (Pressed Version W/ Bonus Tracks)

Image of H8TRiD - Weapon VIII (Pressed Version W/ Bonus Tracks)

$5.00 - On Sale

Here it is...the pressed version for the fans that truly appreciate and wanna support. All copies will be signed and will recieve additonal free item!!

1. Failed Experiment

2. Murphy's Law Ft. Professor Fresh, The Real Chaos & Durte

3. It's Cool Ft. DKB

4. Pointless 16

5. A-Hole Ft. Phatal, Durte & Amber J.

6. Desolation Ft. Durte & Hey Zues

7. Crackalude

8. I Stay High Ft. Phatal & T.O.N.E-z

9. Another 16

10. C&BJ Ft. Durte

11. JoeyLude

12. She Hates Me Ft. Tokk

13. Monster Ft. Kryptik & 7th Layer

14. Wassup Girl Ft. R.E.G

.15. Walkin' Thru Hell Ft. Durte

16. Father's Day 16

17. Chaycealude ft. Lil' H8

18. Kid No More Ft. N3bo

Bonus Tracks On Pressed Version!

19. Blame Yourself

20. Life Of Rhyme (Stir Crazy Remix) Ft. King Magnetic (Of AOTP) & Phatal

21. In My Heart Ft. N3Bo

22. A-X Ft. N3Bo, Durte & Liggett

23. People Say Ft. D-RaNGD

24. My Way Ft. Amber J.

Sold Out